Face Fucking Presents: Jordyn Eve

This Boston street trash is Jordyn Eve and she takes on Bootleg and Gio’s cocks as they brutally face fuck her until she spews up her lunch. She then bends over to expose her ass and gets fucked in the rear nice and hard before getting a huge load of cum all over her pretty little face.

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Latina Throats Presents: Onyx Rose

Onyx Rose is a skinny Latina whore who gets her tight throat jammed by Pauly and Bootleg’s hard cocks, making her gag so hard. She’s degraded and humiliated as the huge meaty cocks being rammed deep inside her throat. Then the guys take turns pounding that tight pussy of hers. After the deepthroat and the pussy slamming, her face gets covered in lots of creamy jizz.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Destiny Cocks 2

Destiny Cocks is back for the 2nd time for more ghetto gagging. It was six years ago since we last seen her and during that time away she did not practice on how to deep throat. We had to fight our way past her tonsils just to get our cocks deep in her throat. Bootleg and Pauly Harker trained her to take their cocks balls deep as she gets degraded and humiliated. Then they take turns slamming her pussy nice and hard before she takes a nice load on her face.

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Face Fucking Presents: Felicity Feline 2

Felicity Feline returns for a 2nd time because she couldn’t keep her day job so she decided to to do porn again¬†and her first stop is FaceFucking.com! It’s better when the pretty girls do these kinds of things, they think we go easy on them when they show up. well, not here. Felicity takes the hard cocks like a good submissive whore. Bootleg and Pauly took turns pumping their cocks inside her mouth. After the rough throat fucking, she bends over to expose her tight pussy and gets pounded in the rear while her throat gets invaded by another cock. By the end of her torment, she sat on the floor and took 2 humiliating loads to the face wondering why she wanted to do porn again.

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Face Fucking Presents: Ivy Monroe

This red head has a big booty and red hair like Carrot Top. Ivy Monroe has never been face fucked the way Big Red does it. He shoved his huge cock right down the back of her throat. She’s so overwhelmed getting face fucked from one position to the next, choking and gagging while the cocks rips up her throat aggressively. After getting throat fucked and slapped around her pussy gets pounded hard before her face gets covered in hot jizz.

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Latina Throats Presents: Binky Bangs

About a year ago Binky Bangs was some kind of small deal, but got out of the business seeing as her boyfriend at the time didn’t want her choking on strange cock day after day. Well she finally dropped that loser and is with another loser who is making her do LatinaThroats. Yes, her piece of shit man actually encourages her to go out and get her face fucked. Binky Bangs is no better, she’s a piece of shit too, but at least she knows her business. This petite twit had her throat pushed to the limit, her asshole was stretched out by big fat cock, and she even puked all over herself like the pig she is. If you mix all that with ass to mouth, squirting, and even some loud crazy farts, you have a well rounded incredible scene.

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Black On Black Crime Presents: Cassino

Cassino walked into the BlackOnBlackCrime studio and the first thing you can notice about her is her “Howard the Duck” lips. Not saying that having big ass ghetto lips is a bad thing, it’s actually a good thing as they’re useful when sucking big black cock. She’s also one hell of a nasty cunt who is down for anything which scores points with Rome seeing as he’s a freaky fucker. He decided to put Cassino to the test by making her eat her own snot, drinking her own puke, slapping her around like she just stole something, and treating her like she was nothing more than a piece of shit. This whore is so fucked up that at the end as she’s covered in a cum facial, she asks to do it all again. You’ll love this shoot.

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Black On Black Crime Presents: Coffee Brown

Coffee Brown is a hottie who is actually down with the abuse dished out on BlackOnBlackCrime. She LOVES the rough shit however, she wasn’t ready for what Rome planned for her. He came out with his pimp game strong and laid a hardcore pimp slap on Coffee. Within a minute this whore learned her place and fell in line. Rome throat fucked her until she gagged and puked on his cock. He made her slurp up that vomit like it was dinner time. To add to her already bad day, she was slapped around like a damn rag doll. When the skank has a bad day, it makes for a great one for you perverts. This scene is amazing and Coffee Brown takes the punishment like a champ.

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Latina Throats Presents: Elana

This is Elana, she’s a cute 19 year old Cuban who thinks she can handle LatinaThroats. This petite, tiny titty puta went into “Cock Shock” after only being on her knees for a mere 10 seconds. It doesn’t matter that as soon as her knees touched ground, Bootleg and Harker had their hard cocks in her face ready to pounce on her throat like a wolf on a sheep. Elana ended up taking more breaks than a Mexican landscaper, you know they only work while you’re watching them. Once the face fucking was over, she had her pussy destroyed. The guys took turns slamming her cunt and in the mist of it, they dumped two big loads on her and sent her on her merry way.

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