Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Harmony Rose

This hot piece of ass ebony whore is Harmony Rose and the guys at Ghetto Gaggers paid an excellent amount of money so they made sure this whore gets the full experience. It started off light hearted at first but as soon as the action starts it quickly escalated to “not so fun”. Her mood changed as soon as she gets face fucked and slapped around. Getting stiff cocks down her throat brought her to tears. After the intense throat fucking, she gets her tight pussy stuffed with dicks, the guys even tried to jam the biggest dildo inside her cunt. Then she gets her face drenched in spit and cum.

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Face Fucking Presents: Zara Ryan

Zara Ryan is a dyke whore from Australia. God knows why a dyke like her, who doesn’t even deep throat, ends up on She’s a hot redhead who gets her throat destroyed by Bootleg¬†and Harker. Face fucked in various angles, her throat gets stuffed with hard dicks. After the intense throat job, her pussy gets pounded nice and hard. By the end of the shoot, she gets her face soaked in two loads of jizz.

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Face Fucking Presents: Maci May

Maci May is a boring looking whore but a wild fucking porn pig. She’s one of those quiet ones that we have to watch out for. Maci is a good bitch that she took some hard dicks down her throat. This is as rough as it gets as the balls are bouncing off her chin as she gags and chokes on the big cocks. After the rough throat fucking, she made her ass and pussy available for slamming. It all began with her pussy getting fucked, but it eventually progressed to some interesting double penetration. You can tell that she loved it. Once the guys were done with her, they sat her on the floor and shot load after load of cum all over her face.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Destinee Jackson 2

The guys at Ghetto Gaggers did the right thing for their community by giving this ghetto hood booger some hard work. Destinee Jackson begged to do another shoot because she needed some rent money, so she’s back to chug down on a hard white cock down her throat. Bootleg planted her face on some kitty litter then slammed her tonsils with his mud covered cock as she sucked it clean. After he was done destroying her throat, he buried his cock deep in her ass, ignoring that nappy twat of hers. Once her holes were used and abused, she sat down and a load of cum was dumped on her head, leaving her face dripping with jizz.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Simone Styles

Simone Styles is an ebony whore who was referred by a friend, another whore who shot for, that whore who shoots ping pong balls out of her pussy. You can tell the type of people she hangs with. Bootleg and Pauly didn’t waste any time making this whore gag, they slammed her throat relentlessly until she can’t breathe. Then her pussy gets pounded before her face gets covered in a nice creamy load of jizz.

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Face Fucking Presents: Victoria Monet 2

It hasn’t been too long ago that Victoria Monet was on Face Fucking. On her first shoot, she worked with Bootleg. This time Pauly was around to give a helping hand destroying this whore. She broke each time she gets slapped. It grossed her out every time she got spit in the face. The guys were very unforgiving as they stretch her throat wide open with their cocks. Then her pussy gets pounded in both her pussy and ass. After being throat-fucked and slapped around, they unleashed their loads all over her face.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Cree Morena

This awkward idiot is Cree Morena and she’s good at deep throating. Bootleg and Pauly didn’t waste any time in making her gag on their cocks, they destroyed her throat until she can barely breathe. She gets brutally face fucked in various angles, messing up that face of hers. After being throat fucked and slapped around, she gets double penetrated in her ass and pussy, even though she squirmed a lot, the guys managed to shove cocks up her ass. She then sits down on the floor, taking two huge load of jizz all over her face.

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Face Fucking Presents: Victoria Monet

This turned out whore is Victoria Monet, who makes a living by slinging things from her pussy, such as dildos and blowling pins. We shoved some ping pong balls up there and and began the fun. Bootleg slammed his cock to the back of her throat. She was face fucked in all different angles that her pretty face was messed up with slobber and spit. After being throat fucked, she rode on Bootleg’s cock deep in her pussy. Then she gets her face all drenched in spit and cum.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Tiny Ebony 3

Tiny Ebony is back for a 3rd time on Ghetto Gaggers and the guys had to show her what the third strike feels like. Bootleg slams his cock down her throat repeatedly until her stomach was empty and dumped it into the whore bowl. And once she relieve all of her dignity, Bootleg took back some of that nutrition and shoved it up her ghetto ass. Then he filled that gaping ass with cock and cream, making sure she got a good taste before she continues to get fucked in the ass. Once he was done face fucking her and slapping her around, he dumped his load all over her face, leaving her dripping with jizz.

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